Preform Resources' Project Gallery

Preform Resources' MGB Body Parts - 66 photos
    Graham Creswick's Cowl Induction Hood - New!
    Doug DeLong's Sebring style MGB GT V8 Racecar - New!
    Don Munoz's Speedster style MGB GT V8 Racecar - New!
    Flush Fit Front Valance
    MG RV8 Hood
    Mike Moor's Custom "Shaker Style" Hood
    Curtis Jacobson's Special-Order Carbon Fiber RV8 Hood
    What's Included in Preform Resources MGB Speedster Body Kit?
    Speedster Body on SCCA Racecars
    Speedster Body Development
    Alternate Speedster Air Dam
    Speedster Body Trial Build-up
    Installing a Speedster Rear Fender

Preform Resources' MG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite Body Parts - 20 photos
    MG Midget Hood
    MG Midget Body Kit
    MG Midget Air Dam
    Preform Resources' Bodies on SCCA Racecars
    Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Body Parts - Unflared Fenders
    Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Body Parts - Flared Fenders

Coming Soon:
    Classic Mini Body Kit Photos

Preform Resources' VW Rabbit Racecar Body Kit - 6 photos
    Two Piece Lightweight Fiberglass Bumper and Aerodynamic Air Dam Assembly
    Front and Rear Fenders
    VW Rabbit Body Kit, Installed

Preform Resources' Ford Mustang Flared Fenders - 11 photos
    Developing the Mustang SVO Body Kit for Ford's Special Vehicle Operations
    Authentic SVO Flared Fender Body Kit for 1979-93 "Fox Body" Mustangs

Preform Resources Repairs Dodge Viper Hoods - 19 photos
    Dodge Viper Example Hood Repair Project #1
    Dodge Viper Example Hood Repair Project #2

New Bodywork for a March Formula Two Racecar Restoration - 8 photos
    Accurate Replica Body Panels Fabricated in Lightweight Carbon Fiber

Custom Bodywork for ScorpionSC F500 Racecars - 13 photos
    Custom Bodies for ScorpionSC F500 Cars - Two Time National Champions!

Preform Resources Makes Bodies for KBS Racecars - 34 photos
    Racecar Bodies, from Initial Renderings Through Serial Production
    Nova/KBS Conversion: Jay Novak Puts a Motorcycle Engine in Chris Ross' KBS

Preform Resources Bodies for Three NovaKar Racecar Models - 25 photos
    Newest Generation NovaKar (a.k.a. Rakavon) Formula 500 / Formula 600 Bodies
    First Generation NovaKar Formula 440 / Formula 500 Bodies
    D Sports Racer Body Kit.

Custom Bodywork for Novarace D Sports Racers - 19 photos
    Custom Featherweight Carbon Fiber Bodywork, Including Ground Effects

Custom DSR-spec Bodywork for a Jedi (F600) Chassis - 21 photos
    Custom Lightweight Bodywork, Designed and Built from Scratch

Restoring the Stieger / Hensley "Bonneville Berkeley" - 7 photos
    Restoring Streamliner Bodywork for a New Land Speed Record Attempt

A Selection of Preform Resources' Past Projects
A Selection of Preform Resources' Past Projects

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